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The Woods Abide

There are no better words to convey the spirit of Big Woods Village. In early 2009, our founders, Ed, Jeff and Tim, decided to build a brewpub in the Alley, at the corner of Busted Knuckle and Hare Trigger.

The idea was to give Tim the time, location and opportunity to further develop the brewing skills he had honed as a prolific home brewer. The goal was for Jeff, Ed and their friends to be able enjoy the fruits of Tim’s labor in an environment that pleased them — the operating theory being, “If we please ourselves, we might please other people.”

From the day it opened, Big Woods Brewing enjoyed remarkable support from locals, tourists and far-flung craft beer lovers. As demand for the beer,  the food and the unique experience grew, so did Big Woods’ footprint in Nashville.  In 2011, in an effort to meet demand for more beer and to create a family-friendly experience, the Tucker Building became the home of Big Woods’ second brewery and Big Woods Pizza Company.

Along the way, folks began calling it all “Big Woods Village” and — thanks to events like the Rally in the Alley series, Stout Drinkers’ Society and Lebowski Night — Big Woods Village gained a unique reputation as an entertainment destination.

In 2012, to meet demand for the beer beyond Brown County, the three amigos formed Quaff ON! Brewing Company and built a new production brewery. It didn’t take long before Busted Knuckle, Hare Trigger and Yellow Dwarf were being distributed throughout most of Indiana.

In 2014, opportunity knocked again, and the Quaff ON Bloomington opened its doors in Bloomington, Ind., where it quickly became a favorite place for fine food, the best craft beer and friends.

Why the name Quaff ON!? Because “quaff” means “to drink heartily and with gusto” – and, it captures an idea that goes beyond beer and speaks to a life lived fully! And that’s the common element that binds all the great folks at Big Woods and Quaff ON! who put their hearts and their talents into creating a unique experience for you.

What’s next for Big Woods and Quaff ON! ? ‘Hard to say, but it’s a safe bet that this is still the early days for #QuaffNation, and there is a lot more fun yet to be had!

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